Alan Singewald

Catching up with Alan Singewald is as easy as dropping by Christ Church on a weekday and as hard as keeping up with him once you get there.  Most of us parishioners are well aware of the big improvements he is making to the appearance of the church, from volunteer cleaning duties to overseeing bathroom renovations and restoring the overgrown playground.

Alan, who faithfully attends the 8:00am Sunday worship service, has been active at Christ Church in one way or another ever since he joined us after leaving Grace Church.  Alan started off at Grace Church when it was on Belden Avenue. At age 4 or 5, he, his sister and two brothers would all walk down to the foot of the hill and other kids would join them and by the time they got to church, there were about 15 or 20!  Alan spent his whole life at Grace Church. He went off to join the military and by that time the church had moved to its new location.

Alan was a medic in the Air Force.  After boot camp in Texas, Alabama and Mississippi for medical training Alan’s first deployment was in Libya, from 1962  1964.  From that deployment he was then transferred to Minot, North Dakota for two years. He jokes that he went from the “hottest place on earth to the coldest place on earth”.

Alan served for 10 years on the vestry at Grace, first as a trustee and then a Junior Warden.  He says he “always got involved in the property”.  When Alan first came to Christ Church, Father Frank said to Alan, “Oh, there are so many little things that need to be done here” and Alan said, well, list them and I’ll see how many things I can do here.  He says, that’s how he got involved; someone asked him if he would like to be involved in the Vestry.  Sharon, his wife said,”You promised me when we left Grace Church you would never again be on the vestry!”  He says says he’s glad he did, because he got to know Father Frank a little bit better before he passed away.

Alan’s family has owned Norwalk Linen since 1946, when Alan’s father started the company. Alan and his brother, Charles took  over the business in the late ’70’s and Alan’s son and nephew took over the business in 2004.  So he is happily not-really-retired, and Christ Church is the beneficiary.




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