Barbara Judson

Barbara and her husband, Bob, moved to Connecticut from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1963.  On a visit to Bob’s brother in the late 1950’s  to Westport, they both decided, why not move to Connecticut? So they moved to Norwalk in ’63.

In 1967 Barbara and Bob moved into their house on Ellen St.  As it happened, they moved next to Doug and Ellie Foote, long-time parishioners of Christ Church.  Ellie served on the Altar Guild and pretty soon, Barbara was serving right along side her. An active parishioner from the beginning, Barbara also taught pre-school. Soon, she began Liturgical Assistant duties and then figuring that since she was up there already, she might as well sing in the choir.  We’ve been fortunate to enjoy her lovely voice each Sunday ever since.

Barbara’s son, Brian, now lives with his wife, Wendy, in sunny San Diego.  Doug met Wendy at Northern Arizona University.  Wendy went on to get her doctorate in peptides, and after post-graduate work in Kansas and Colorado, she landed her dream job at Ferring Pharmaceuticals  in San Diego, California, two years ago.

Barbara loves to travel.  In addition to her yearly visits to San Diego in July, she visits friends in Florida regularly.  She and her husband, Bob, also used to enjoy passing through Las Vegas when Brian was attending college in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Still actively working, Barbara has worked for Fairfield County Bank as a teller since 1984.

Barbara is an avid reader. She especially loves mysteries.  If you do, too, ask her how she enjoyed the latest book from James Patterson.  Better yet, join her in the Christ Church Book Bunch, the second Tuesday of each month.

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