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The Vigil Light burns this week in loving memory of fathers Hal Quackenboss, Dr. B. Carson French and Christopher French by Sarah, Emily and Catherine French.


Please join us for coffee hour following the 10:00 service. The Vestry will be providing coffee and snacks throughout the summer, as a sign of the fact that Christ Church does not go “on vacation” once school lets out for the program year. So please stay and share fellowship with your sisters and brothers in Christ, in our air-conditioned Guild Room!


Also, during the summer our music director Betty Belcher has arranged for special musical offerings for many Sundays during the 10:00 service. Thank you, Betty, for your commitment to enhancing the worship experience here at Christ Church.


Today we welcome the family of Giovani Eduardo Garcia, who will be baptized this morning at the 10:00 service.


Minister of Music: Betty Belcher
Altar Guild: Sarah French
Ushers: Sandy Kittredge and Anita Hughes
Lector: Paul Mordoff
Intercessor: Bunny Zamm
Presider: The Reverend Canon Patricia M. Coller

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