BaptismThe people who make up Christ Church come from many walks of life. We are teachers, sales people, lawyers, musicians, administrative assistants, plumbers, therapists, financial managers, web developers, book-keepers, students, maintenance workers, and many other things. We are old, we are young, we are actively working, we are retired. Some of us have young children at home, and some of us have great-grandchildren. Some of us have been members of Christ Church for a very long time, and some of us are relatively new.

We strive to welcome all who enter the doors of this church building. Coffee Hour after the 10:00 worship service has become a quite lively event, and it is here that we consciously do our best to get to know people who are new to Christ Church or just visiting. In addition to our Sunday worship and Christian Education activities, we occasionally have fundraising and/or social events that not only benefit the Christ Church community financially, but which also help us build relationships with our fellow parishioners. We certainly enjoy being together, whether it is for a parish supper, a talent show, an auction, a Murder Mystery Play, or any other event.

In addition, caring for others who are less fortunate than we is something that we do regularly. We prepare and serve breakfast quarterly at the Open Door Shelter. We collect food donations which we take to the local food pantry. We empty our pockets of change and give it to our “Pennies for Heaven” initiative so that we can purchase food that the shelter needs, particularly around the holiday season.

In short, our parish life includes young and old – our members of all generations – and we enjoy being together for both mission and fellowship.