Seeking a Priest

If you are seeking to serve at a Parish whose motto is “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Spirit” then take a peek at Christ Church, East Norwalk, CT.

We are a small but extremely active community of faith. The “Christ Church Family” has many members and various groups who enjoy meeting not just for worship on Sunday but for many other activities and planned events.

Please review this website  and our facebook page to learn more about us.

Although currently in transition and seeking to call a priest, we are still growing our membership. The efforts of our leadership and lay community have breathed new life into our “family” even as we remain without a priest. This is a testament to the motivating spirit that lives here.

If what you see sparks your interest, consider what we are seeking in a priest:

You will be willing to join us as either a permanent priest or “missional” priest. You enjoy attending our church events and being a part of our lively and growing community of faith. Your spiritual leadership will seek to expand our understanding of the Faith. You will be excited see our parish grow.

For further information please contact:
The Reverend Lee Ann Tolzmann, Canon for Mission Leadership at for more information about our opening.

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